Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Find out about the Planet Tech Care manifesto

In December 2020, Criteo signed the Planet Tech'Care manifesto alongside around 50 other French digital players.

Criteo and other french tech businesses partnered with Syntec Numérique to launch the "Planet Tech Care" initiative in France. The rationale behind "Planet Tech Care" is to help companies to leverage digital technologies in order to reduce their environmental footprint. By committing to the "Planet Tech Care" manifesto, participating companies, including Criteo, will lead on a series of events designed to share good practices and use Tech as an enabler of green solutions. Working across countries and teams, Criteo is strongly committed to reducing its environmental footprint!

The signatories of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto, including Criteo, are committed to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of their digital products and services. They are committed to raising awareness among their stakeholders so that all players in the digital ecosystem are able to contribute to reducing their impacts within their areas of responsibility.

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Gender Equality Index

Gender Equality Index / Index égalité femmes hommes

  • In English
  • In terms of the Gender Equality Index, Criteo France (Criteo SA and Criteo France SAS, Criteo Technology) achieved a score of 93 out of 100 in the Gender Equality Index for the year 2022:
  • 38 - Gender pay gap
  • 20 - Difference in the rate of increase F/M
  • 15 - Difference in promotion rate F/M
  • 15 - Return from maternity leave
  • 5 - Number of women among the 10 highest paid
  • 93 - Total
  • En Français
  • Au titre de l’index égalité femmes hommes, Criteo UES (Criteo SA and Criteo France SAS, Criteo Technology) a atteint la note de 93 sur 100 pour l’année 2022:
  • 38 - Ecart de rémunération F/H
  • 20 - Ecart de taux d'augmentation F/H
  • 15 - Ecart de taux de promotion F/H
  • 15 - Retour de congé de maternité
  • 5 - Nombre de Femmes parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations
  • 93 – Total