Our Commitments

Tech for Good

As a prominent member of the Tech For Good initiative since 2019, Criteo committed to empowering staff from all backgrounds to fulfill their potential, and achieving 30% of women in leadership roles by 2022 + 30% of women in tech roles by 2030!




The Planet Tech Care Manifesto

The signatories of the Planet Tech'Care manifesto, including Criteo, are committed to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of their digital products and services. They are committed to raising awareness among their stakeholders so that all players in the digital ecosystem are able to contribute to reducing their impacts within their areas of responsibility.




The LGBT+ Charter

By this Charter, Criteo commits to:

  • Create an inclusive environment for LGBT+ employees
  • Ensure equal rights and treatment for all employees regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Support employees who have been victims of discrimination in the workplace
  • Measure progress and share best practices to advance the general workplace environment