Criteo Releases Complete Personalized Mobile Advertising Solution Across All Leading Browsers and App Platforms
New capability critically important for advertisers seeing explosion in mobile sales via tablets
Criteo now generating over $1B in post-click mobile sales for customers on an annual run-rate
Criteo now delivers end-to-end performance advertising solution across online, mobile web and mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms

Palo Alto – April 29, 2014 – Criteo (NASDAQ: CRTO), a leading global technology company that specializes in digital performance advertising, today announced the global availability of a complete mobile advertising solution. As consumers continue to transition to tablets and smartphones like the iPad and iPhone, Criteo helps marketers deliver more sales through personalized mobile ads in both browsers and apps. As part of this unique solution, Criteo works closely with clients to deliver a transparent, cookie-based solution that allows advertisers to serve personalized dynamic ads on Safari mobile web browsers, while empowering users to make a relevant choice regarding their browsing experience.

“Travelzoo’s strategic direction as a business is to act and think ‘mobile first’ – this step change over the past two years has contributed to an increase of more than 100% in mobile traffic to our deals. Overall more than 40% of all traffic now comes from mobile devices and over half of this traffic is from the iOS platform. As the Travelzoo business continues to innovate and improve its mobile offering we are committed to working with partners such as Criteo who understand the challenges and enormous opportunities inherent in mobile. Working with Criteo enables us to effectively target and engage with our audience in the mobile space,” said Joel Brandon-Bravo, managing director at Travelzoo in the UK.

According to IBM’s Black Friday Report 2013, sales on mobile devices continue to skyrocket. The study reported that 21.8 percent of all online sales came through a mobile device, which represents a yearover-year increase of 43 percent. The spike in tablet adoption is a key contributor to the growth in mobile sales and tablet shipments are now exceeding those of desktops or laptops. As a result, it’s critically important for marketers to effectively reach and engage this growing mobile audience through mobile web browsers and in-app advertising.

Criteo introduced its in-app advertising solution in January and has seen rapid month-over-month growth. The product is now live and gaining traction in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil and elsewhere. The momentum of Criteo’s in-app solution combined with its strong and growing traction in mobile web proves that mobile advertising is driving significant sales results. In fact, Criteo is now generating over $1 billion in post-click mobile sales for its customers on an annual runrate.

Driving a Consistent & Transparent User Experience, Regardless of Browser
Criteo’s complete mobile solution ensures that users receive personalized, relevant ads regardless of the web browser. The company is a pioneer in providing consumer transparency over ad choices and helps users manage this by placing an interactive icon on all Criteo ads. Its technology uses information based on previous browsing behavior such as product viewed. With its innovative Safari solution, Criteo took a similar user-friendly approach. When a user browses a client’s website with Safari and doesn’t have a Criteo cookie, Criteo will display an informative banner that notifies the user that their browser blocks some third-party cookies by default and that subsequently clicking on the website will allow Criteo to place its cookies and serve personalize ads. After having accepted Criteo cookies by clicking on the website, the user is shown a second notice that offers them the ability to revert their choice in the event that they change their mind.

"Web Browser settings that prevent some third-party cookies by default make the delivery of relevant and customized advertising more difficult,” said Mike Zaneis, Executive Vice President, Public Policy & General Counsel, IAB. “The IAB believes advertising companies delivering solutions that empower users to make informed decisions about their browsing experience and enable relevant customized ads are a benefit to the entire industry. One effective way to approach this question is by proactively displaying information to website visitors about the type of cookies used, how they are delivered and the options for managing. These innovative initiatives are also a great example of the self-regulatory programs favored by the Obama administration."

“Our customers have been asking for a comprehensive solution for mobile advertising, so we’re delighted to announce the release of support for all browsers. Criteo has worked hard to deliver a unique solution that enables a privacy-centric cookie-based solution for Safari – the default mobile web browser for the most popular tablet and smartphone. This builds on our existing mobile browser technologies and is a powerful complement to our in-app and online offerings,” said Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer at Criteo. “With the introduction of new advertising capabilities, it’s also important for us to reaffirm Criteo’s commitment to upholding the highest levels of consumer privacy. Privacy considerations are at the very center of everything we do, and we aim to deliver fantastic results for our clients, while ensuring consumers have privacy, transparency and control.”

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