Criteo Direct Bidder Support Announced for Accelerated Mobile Pages
An Industry Milestone for Header Bidding

NEW YORK, June 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Criteo S.A. (NASDAQ: CRTO), the advertising platform for the open Internet, today announced that its leading header bidding solution, Criteo Direct Bidder (CDB), is now compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. Criteo Direct Bidder is one of the first header bidding solutions in the industry to be accepted by AMP, which provides a straightforward framework to create a faster, more seamless experience for the mobile web.

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With more than 5 billion AMP pages published to date, publishers are seeing more of their mobile traffic shift to AMP, however, their monetization capabilities haven't transitioned at the same speed. This now changes with Criteo Direct Bidder supporting AMP and AMP inventory being exposed to Criteo's unique demand via header bidding.

Criteo's CDB for AMP is a win-win-win for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. With CDB for AMP, publishers can capture more spend from Criteo's 19,000 advertisers and drive incremental revenue. Improved access to AMP inventory helps Criteo reach more mobile users in environments where they are highly engaged and drive higher campaign performance for advertisers. Lastly, consumers benefit from more relevant ads in the streamlined AMP environment.

"Criteo is an industry leader in header bidding, with unique demand and broad adoption. By supporting AMP, we've crossed a major milestone with a product that has been adopted by nearly 4,000 premium publishers," said Marc Grabowski, Executive Vice President, Global Supply, Criteo. "We made the decision to invest in AMP because we understand how critical it is to help our partners meet the user-centric expectations of the mobile web and monetize new areas of consumer attention."

Criteo is listed by AMP as an approved AMP Real Time Configuration vendor, as Criteo is aligned with the goal of AMP to provide a fast and smooth user experience. Using this framework, it takes just a few minutes to update AMP ad tags to access Criteo's demand, and publishers have seen revenue ramp up quickly.

"When we recognized the need to drive competition on our AMP inventory, we turned to Criteo for its expertise," said Sven Heller, Managing Director, Urban Media. "Criteo worked with us closely to set up CDB on our AMP inventory and we were able to launch before any other publisher in the market. Since implementing this solution, our revenue from Criteo has risen 100% on our AMP inventory."

"The set up for Criteo Direct Bidder for AMP was simple, and we were able to immediately see results. Since implementing CDB for AMP, we have seen AMP revenue from Criteo increase significantly," said Carmine Laltrelli, Monetization and Innovation Director, Italiaonline. "We have an excellent relationship with Criteo. There is a very beneficial exchange of information that allows us to continuously evolve."

ChinaTimes, a leading digital newspaper in Taiwan, partnered with Criteo in order to monetize their mobile inventory. With CDB for AMP, ChinaTimes was able to scale quickly and ultimately saw close to a 400% increase in AMP revenue from Criteo.

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