Update on recent Google Chrome announcement

On January 14, 2020, Google provided an update on their plans to enhance privacy across the web.

This update confirms our initial position, that: 

  • It is Google’s intent to maintain a free and open online ecosystem that supports personalized advertising in a privacy-safe manner;  
  • Chrome changes will be introduced through collaboration with the ecosystem.

Criteo has the following additional comments about the Google announcement.

  1. In the short term, and as previously announced by Google on May 7, 2019, Chrome will adapt its cookie labeling and security requirements in v80, set to launch in February 2020. As we indicated on December 13, 2019, Criteo already adapted to these required changes and therefore does not anticipate any impact coming in February.
  2. From a longer time frame perspective, we fully support Google’s intentions to replace third-party cookies with an alternative that still enables personalized advertising, and to work with the industry to define the standards of such alternative. We have said multiple times in the past that we would very much favor concerted industry efforts aimed at evolving beyond third-party cookies in the web in a privacy-friendly way.
    From that end, we believe the Privacy Sandbox that Google has started putting together contains a series of promising initiatives. These include research around ways to adapt the technical workflow, aimed at evolving the web with architecture that better protects user choices regarding their data, while continuing to support a free and open ecosystem.
    We believe that, through constructive consultation and active collaboration with the ecosystem, positive results will come out of the Privacy Sandbox initiatives. As a result, we will continue to work with Google and the ecosystem on defining technical alternatives to third-party cookies that support these goals end meet the needs of the ecosystem as a whole.
  3. We are already diversifying our identity solutions to work beyond cookies. This involves internal technology efforts, as well as collaboration with several third-party partners, such as LiveRamp.
  4. Today, a significant and growing share of our business, including our mobile app business and a large part of our Retail Media solutions, already does not rely on third-party cookies.
  5. We reiterate our commitment to putting users’ choice ahead of any other imperative. Further, we confirm that all our existing solutions are developed in a privacy-safe manner and operate strictly under the consent of the user

Criteo is committed to contributing to develop a rich, dynamic and open online media ecosystem that fosters durable and positive experiences for consumers, media and advertisers alike. Criteo therefore seeks to onboard media, advertisers, regulators and technology vendors on this debate in order to create a level playing field for all.