Statement on Apple's announcements at WWDC

At its Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday June 7, 2021, Apple said that it would introduce additional features later this year to help iOS users control how their online data is used by third-parties, including allowing users to hide IP address information to prevent tracking web usage on the Safari browser and to shut off marketers’ ability to see if and when an email is opened through Apple’s Mail app.

These are the kind of changes we have anticipated in developing our roadmap, which we continue to execute as planned.

Like iOS 14, Apple’s iOS 15 update means marketers will need to continue to think differently about how and with whom they work with to reach their audiences in a privacy-safe manner.

Thanks to our investments in our first-party media network, our support of durable identifiers and our development of multiple audience marketing approaches, including addressable, cohort-based targeting and contextual advertising, we are confident that Criteo is best positioned to navigate the needs of consumers, marketers and media owners in privacy-minded ways through these industry changes.

Apple has not shared enough details about their plans or timing, nor is there enough detail regarding consumer or regulatory appetite for some of these changes, to be able to specifically comment on any potential performance or financial impact. As a result, based on the information we have today, there is no change to our financial outlook.